Kanan Films provides Film, Photo and Video Production Services to national and international media production companies. Based at the Mexican Caribbean.

Our goal it is to generate the best production value to your project and provide you and your crew a pleasant working experience.​ We offer high quality locations, logistics and access to professional crew and gear.

Kanan Films brinda servicios de produccion para cine, Foto & video a compañías de producción audiovisual nacionales e internacionales. Nuestras oficinas se encuentran en el Caribe Mexicano.

Nuestra misión es generar los elementos necesarios para que tu proyecto sea exitoso, ofreciendo logisticas de producción adecuadas y acceso a equipo técnico & crew profesional.

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«Mexico is one of the largest countries in America, it has a huge variety of locations, from deserts at the north to sandy white beaches at the south, Mexico offers a film friendly experience for your project».​​​

Mexican Caribbean

Situated at the Yucatan Peninsula the Mexican Caribbean offers evergreen jungles, caves, underwater rivers, turquoise beachES and the most important of all the Maya culture which meets and creates a incomparable fusion with the modern Mexico.

Central Mexico

Film, photo and video productions will find in Mexico a wide range of locations. Modernity emb​race ancient and colonials buildings, were mexican colors and textures  create beautiful pictures which enrich your project . Mixing your vision with our locations, you will find a production value that will exceed your expectations.​


​Film, photo and video productions will find in Yucatan a state full of colors, textures and experiences. Yucatan is particularity film friendly offering us the best quality services and locations, from caves to a sea of pink flamingos on the coast.​


Chiapas is one of the biggest states in Mexico, it has it all: rain forest, mountains, ocean, jungle, river, waterfalls, blue cristal clear lakes and a rich culture full of colors and textures. Chiapas is a Film Friendly state, here you will find all kind of production services for your projects.​


Campeche, a Mexican state on the Yucatán Peninsula, it has terrain spanning limestone hills, rainforests and Gulf of Mexico beaches. The place has a colonial-era harbor city with baroque Spanish architecture, cobblestone streets and a walled historic district. A very nice place to have your film production service.

Baja California

The Baja California Peninsula is one of the most beautifull states in Mexico, the combination of desert and blue water gives this state the potencial for filmig all year long with more of that golden light we all like!

Puerto Vallarta

This city host unique landscapes with a exotic combination of jungle, rivers and turquoise water, Puerto Vallarta is located at the mexican pacific coastline and has been one of the favorite film locations along time.


Located at the southwestern of Mexico Oaxaca hold a stong cultural heritage for the entire country, as filmimg location provides a wide range of textures and landscape.


Time stops but life continues…this is Cuba one of the most beautiful and iconic island in the caribbean full of texture culture and art. Cuba has open their door to the world, give it a try!!


We offer a wide selection of services which gather together a professional group of people capable to adapt to any project.​

Production Services Logisitics in Mexico


  • Comercials
  • Music Videos
  • Feature films
  • Photoshots
  • Documentaries
  • TV Series
  • Short Films
  • VR
Kanan Films Location scout production services mexico

Location scout / Location Management

Nation wide location coverage


  • Goverment Film Permit: INAH, CONANP, SEMARNAT, Federal, State and Local film permits.
  • Private Film Permits.
Grip Truck


  • G&E (Grip and Electric)
  • Camera gear
  • Audio
  • Art Props
kanan films crew production services mexico


Production, Direction, Director of Photography, Assistant camera, Gaffers,  Grip and electric Staff,  art department, Make Up and Wardrobe.